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"HIDE and SEEK" is 80 minutes long and was broadcast in the UK and USA.
It is the only film that tells the story of the Hidden Children of World War 2
using drama, archive film and 21 interviews with survivors

"HIDE and SEEK" is in English subtitled
in Czech, French, German, Hebrew, Polish and Spanish

For those who would like to know more about the stories of the hidden children, there are the following books available on the subject:

"A Detail of History" by Arek Hersh; "Have you Seen My Little Sister" by Janina Fischler-Martinho; "The Hidden Children" by Jane Marks; "The Hidden Children" by Howard Greenfeld;
"The Holocaust Chronicle"; "In The Sewers of Lvov" by Robert Marshall;
"Secret City" by Gunnar S Paulsson; "Surviving the Holocaust with the Russian Jewish Partisans" by Jack Kagan & Dov Cohen; "The War Against The Jews 1933-45" by Lucy S Dawidowicz;

The producers would like to thank the following, without whose help the film could not have been made:

AJDC, Dr Alfred Bader CBE, Isabel Bader, Yechiel Bar-Chaim, Susi Bradfield, Barbara Buczek, Cadbury Barrow Trust (Eric Adams), Kate Casely, Susan Chimen, Ralph & Muriel Emanuel,
Dr Alfred Garwood, Paul & Rose Gotley, Bea Green, Brian Haynes, The Headley Trust,
Holborn Studios, Imperial War Museum, Sir Sidney & Lady Rosa Lipworth,
London Jewish Cultural Centre (Trudy Gold), Richard Milczarek,
The Marit & Hans Rausing Charitable Trust, Aileen Rawson, The Samuel Sebba Trust,
Eve-Marie Stefanicki, Joanna Stefanicki, The Wiener Library,
The 45 Aid Society - Manchester


"HIDE and SEEK" from the producers of "THE CHILDREN WHO CHEATED THE NAZIS" - the story of the Kindertransport.