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Directed by Sue Read

Produced by Sue Read & Jim Goulding for


A British Film
made and financed independently

Sue Read is a BBC trained director, producer, researcher. She has worked on investigative broadcast programmes covering war, child sex abuse, women's equal rights, the treatment and care of mentally handicapped children, depression, a series on the emotional and mental development of babies, and a business series

Prior to being a programme maker Sue Read was a feature writer on the Sunday Times. She has had short stories published in the Sunday Telegraph Colour Magazine, Queen Harpers Magazine and Cosmo. She has been a weekly columnist and a freelance interviewer for the Guardian, The Observer, The Sunday Telegraph Colour Magazine and the Daily Mail

Sue Read has had 8 commissioned books published

Jim Goulding has 30 years experience as a director, producer and editor for broadcast television in live world news, recorded documentaries, light entertainment and factual programming

Jim Goulding was one of those who revised the main national television broadcast early evening news on ITN and has produced and directed programmes and series for the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV. He has set up several satellite television news stations world wide


"HIDE and SEEK" from the producers of "THE CHILDREN WHO CHEATED THE NAZIS" - the story of the Kindertransport.

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