"A determination to remain alive lies at the heart of this documentary. There was no narration, no flashy touches, no flinching " - The Daily Telegraph, London

'HIDE and SEEK' is 80 mins long and was broadcast in the UK and USA.
It is the only film that tells the story of the Hidden Children of World War 2 using drama, archive film and interviews with 21 survivors

'HIDE and SEEK' is available with
Czech, French, German, Hebrew, Polish and Spanish subtitles

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Still from the film - escaping from the liquidation of the Cracow ghetto

Over 1.5 million children perished in the Holocaust. Unbelievably a few thousand survived in hiding. They fled from the starvation and deportations of the ghettoes, where many had seen their parents sent to the death camps. Others were forced to flee from their homes, or sent to friends for safety

Still from the film - going into the sewers in the Cracow ghetto

Parents, realising they were unable to save themselves made frantic last minute arrangements for their children to go into hiding, often with complete strangers. Many children, some as young as 6, were forced to hide alone

Still from the film - hiding during a search by Nazi soldiers

Children across Europe were forced to hide in underground sewers, caves and holes in the ground, in cupboards, in attics. They hid on farms, in convents, labour camps, on the streets or in a room of an occupied apartment

Still from the film - hiding in a barn for 9 months

These children lived in constant fear of being found by Nazis raiding their hiding place, or of being betrayed. The Germans paid 500 marks for a Jew. Everyday they had to deal with abandonment, starvation, blackmail, imprisonment, filth and silence. Some of the hidden children in the film were caught

Still from the film - Hiding in the sewers of Lvov

After the war a few of the hidden children found their families and relatives, but many did not. As they grew up some met relatives of their rescuers who had risked their lives to hide and care for them. Even today these people are their heroes


"HIDE and SEEK" from the producers of "THE CHILDREN WHO CHEATED THE NAZIS" - the story of the Kindertransport.